Cosmana Navarra is a casual restaurant set in one of Rabat’s oldest palazzos, built by Cosmana Navarra (1600-1687), a remarkable woman and the mastermind and benefactress of Rabat’s St. Paul Parish Church.

Cosmana’s palazzo was one of the first buildings erected in Rabat, outside of the fortified walls of Mdina, and is considered a fine example of an aristocratic Maltese home. It was likely designed by Lorenzo Gafa a Maltese architect who also designed the Mdina Cathedral, and who Cosmana commissioned to design Rabat’s church. While you dine with us, you can discover our palazzo’s secrets, from original 17th century features to hidden rooms designed by Cosmana herself.

A devotee of St. Paul, Cosmana was the main philanthropist and mastermind behind the construction of Rabat’s church. In fact, she purposefully built her home here to overlook its ongoing works—which were finished before her death in 1687. She is interned inside the church’s San Anton chapel, and commemorated in several sculptures and paintings therein.

By building her palazzo and the church of St. Paul on this site, Cosmana planted the seeds around which the village of Rabat would blossom.

Visit Cosmana Navarra to dine where Rabat was built.

To create a mindful and memorable Food & Beverage experiences which are delivered in authentic and unique way.  Cosmana Navarra is fully owned by United Catering Company Ltd, a member by the United Group of Companies.